Our own battle for dog and cat territory

My mom says people get into disputes over territory. She says wars are fought over occupied territories.

But right here in our home, we have a territorial dispute in full swing. My mom keeps taking pictures. She thinks it’s “cute” when Ophelia and I sit together on the corner of the couch. We’re each vying for position on the yucky old cushion that’s so comfortable.

Actually my mom thinks Ophelia has a crush on me. (Dare I blush?) Ophelia tries to sit on the bed…in the exact spot where I’m sitting. She sits on my cushion…because it smells like me.

This time Ophelia got to the cushion first. Here you’ll see me trying to crowd her out. Meanwhile, my mom gets stuck with a small corner at the other end of the couch.

Not to worry, she says. She doesn’t like being left alone in our living room. “Why do I pay for pets?” she asks. “I want you with me, in the same room.” Well, as humans say, be careful what you wished for. I was wishing for a nice indoor home where I’d get lots of attention and be spoiled rotten. And that’s exactly what I have.

2 thoughts on “Our own battle for dog and cat territory”

  1. Hi, woof,
    please tell Cathy that I’m a fan of her writing. And even though I’m a biznik vegetarian, I’d love to beef up my copy. So, once the copy is written, maybe Cathy would like to add juice to it? To get you some of your favourite biscuits, chews and who knows, steak?

    Woof to you,

  2. Absolutely…always happy to “juice” the copy. Check out my services page and the Strategy session:

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