Ophelia tries to be a dog

My mom laughed out loud this evening. Ophelia came running into the living room with a pair of rolled-up gym socks in her mouth. Somehow she managed to meow while she carried them.

When I run around with socks, my momĀ  yells, “NO! Gracie! Drop!”

But when Ophelia waddles around with a sock, it’s cute.

“Ophelia got the idea from you, Gracie,” my mom said. “Cats don’t carry things around.”

Once Ophelia realized what she was doing, she looked embarrassed. She washed herself thoroughly, which is what cats do when they’re embarrassed. My mom shuddered: “Hairballs.” But there wasn’t much she could do.

“Cats are made to be spoiled,” said my mom. “Dogs aren’t.”

Oh well. Back to my nap. Ophelia doesn’t have good taste in socks anyway. I like mine thick and woolly.

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