My Dog Crate is Really a Castle (With a Ghost)

Cathy wonders if my castle is haunted by the ghost of her First Dog, Keesha.

My finely-tuned nose tells me a lot about Keesha. She was gentle and friendly, like me. She worried a little too much about Cathy so she barked a lot. She always scolded Cathy for going away and leaving her.

Me? I think my mom can take care of herself…and me, too. As soon Cathy drops me off at the Dog Lounge, I give her a sad good-by look just to be polite. The minute she’s gone, I’m up on the couch, charming the receptionist and graciously accepting treats and affection from the staff.

One of Cathy’s friends thinks the dead come back to us as spirits. So Cathy wondered, “Does Keesha come back and talk to Gracie?”

I know. But I’m not saying. 2 dogs

If she did come back, I’d ask her one big question. “How do you keep that !*@#! tabby cat out of this crate?”

Tiger likes to sneak in and drink my water. She sits here and stares out the door. When I try to enter my own castle, she hisses and waves her paw.

Keesha would never tolerate this behavior. She had those cats under control.

If she did come back as a spirit, I’d ask her how…and then I’d be very, very glad that spirits don’t shed. Keesha had enough fur for three dogs.

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