Mom never gets sick, but…

My mom Cathy never gets sick. She’s tough! But Saturday evening she started feeling wretched. We all went to bed and slept…and slept.

She woke up Sunday morning and thought, “Time for exercise class.” Then she took me out for a walk (thank goodness!) and staggered home.

“Not today,” she told me, shaking out a few crunchies so I wouldn’t starve.

Here’s where I earned a year’s supply of crunchies and treats. I snuggled up next to my mom and didn’t budge. She felt safe and cozy with me there, stretched out, solid as a rock.

Of course our new housemate, Ophelia, stayed close by. She has her cushion and I have mine. We have ancatand dog unspoken agreement and we joined forces to support our ailing owner.

Creampuff disappeared. She probably took advantage of the opportunity to snuggle up to her best friend, Cathy’s desktop computer. The modem is nice and warm.

By Monday Mom was back to normal. By noon she was drinking her coffee. At 2 PM she took me on a 40-minute walk. By evening she was off to exercise class.

And tomorrow I go to the park with Aunt Sara. Life is good.

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