Mom Gets to Have Friends, too!

Last Saturday my mom Cathy dropped me off in the Dog Lounge around noon. “I’m meeting a friend later,” she told my Big Sister Summer. “And I don’t want to leave Gracie locked in her crate in a hot apartment.”

Summer was thrilled to see me of course. She gave me a huge hug. A few of my favorite dog buddies were hanging out and I got to catch up with everybody.

Meanwhile my mom took off to meet her friend and business associate Christina Merkley. They had a late lunch out by Pier 69, where Christina’s ferry came in from Canada. “No trouble finding her,” Mom said. “The Canadian flag was flying outside.”

My mom came by to get me right at 5, as the Dog Lounge was closing. I tried to tell my mom I was a poor, starving neglected dog, but she wasn’t fooled.

“How many treats did they give you?” she asked as we headed off to the bus stop.


3 thoughts on “Mom Gets to Have Friends, too!”

  1. My mom had a great time, Lisa!
    Champagne, you sound like Ophelia. Mom never sees Ophelia eat but that cat weighs in at 15 too. Mom can barely pick her up.

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