Halloween starts early at the Dog Lounge

So mom leaves me at the Downtown Dog lounge while she goes gadding about with my Uncle Lance. They went to the Farmers Market where I’m not allowed. I love the Dog Lounge. Today I spent a few hours with Summer and Sue. They dressed me up in a Halloween costume and took my picture.gracie in halloween costume

If you look closely you’ll see I’m putting up with this fuss because they’re so nice. I get lots of attention whenever I stay there. But hey, I’m a dog. Dogs are supposed to be naked. My mom knows that. She won’t even buy me a cute little winter coat.

My mom hates Halloween. One year someone persuaded her to go to a party. (Of course I wasn’t even born then, but I hear about it every year.) Cathy dressed up as a hippie. She wore beads and tattered old jeans. Several people asked why she hadn’t come in costume. I guess Cathy was even more fashion-challenged than she is now.

That was her last Halloween party. For life, she says.

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