Dog rides the bus

My mom says, “We’re still in Seattle for one major reason. Dogs are allowed on buses!”

True. They have to be well-behaved. We ride free if we are service dogs or if we fit on the owner’s lap.

I’m pretty big for a lap dog, but I like riding on my mom’s lap. As a certified Canine Urban Princess, I do not want to ride on the floor.

Anyway, when I do ride on the floor, my mom worries that I will scarf up some chewing gum, ancient french fries or worse. She’s right.  I am a canine vacuum cleaner as well as a Canine Urban Princess. My mom keeps telling me that royalty should be more dignified. I have to remind her that the British royal family have been caught in some totally undignified positions.

My mom snapped this photo as we were riding the bus, just before she had a techno meltdown with her phone camera and acccidentally erased all her pictures and videos. Did I tell you my mom was technologically challenged? It’s tough for a hard-working dog to keep up a blog under these conditions..

2 thoughts on “Dog rides the bus”

  1. Jasper sits under the bench seat in the feeble folk’s section. Once he found a McDonald’s bag with a cheeseburger and fries and snarfed them down before I could figure out what all the rustling was. He is always hoping for that miracle to reoccur! It hasn’t happened yet, but I sometimes find old cough drops and chewing gum clinging to his fur, eww.

  2. Cough drops? Yuk. But I’ve been known to nibble at chewing gum, which is why my mom won’t let me loose on the floor.

    Jasper is a lot bigger than I am. I don’t think he’d fit in anybody’s lap. He’s also a certified legal service dog. My mom insists that we show respect to *all* service dogs.

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