Dog Facing Identity Crisis: Am I a Puggle?

My mom saw a dog that looks a lot like me at the Downtown Dog Lounge. They told her, “He’s a Puggle.”

A puggle is a cross between a pug and a beagle. They’re supposed to be well-behaved and easy to train,

This is a REAL puggle. Compare with my image on top.
This is a REAL puggle. Compare with my image on the upper left.

Of course, they’re smaller than I am. So I’ve got something else mixed in there.

A Puggle mix? A mix of a mix? Good grief.

My mom surfed the Internet, looking for pictures of Puggles. Here’s one. The Puggle tail and paws are remarkably similar to mine.except they’re stubborn. (Ahem.) They have square dark muzzles like mine. And they have my floppy ears that fold down like bird wings.

Does this mean I have my own tribe somewhere?

Do I care? Not unless my mom discovers that Puggles are supposed to get extra treats three times a day. But when my mom introduces me, it’s better than saying, “She’s an All-American Mutt.” She can say, “Gracie is a Puggle mix.”

But I bet she won’t. She rather likes saying, “Gracie is an All-American mutt.” That’s not really true, mom. Puggles are almost purebred.

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