Dog Days Are Getting To Us

We’re having record heat in Seattle. Since we rarely get hot weather, my mom says, nobody has air conditioning. I was restless last night and even the Momster had trouble sleeping. That’s rare for her.

The cats are stretched out, looking miserable, but not too tired to scarf up their crunchies and some canned food. Mom felt sorry for them and opened a can. Ophelia adores canned food. She’s the ultimate food fuss.

Mom is going out tonight so she says she’ll probably put me in the Dog Lounge overnight, so we can all get some rest and I won’t be caged in the heat while she’s gone. “If I didn’t have teleseminars to attend, as participant and speaker,” she says, “I’d head for the air conditioniong myself.”

Yaay…if this works out, I’ll get to spend time with my buddies. When mom suffers, there’s usually a silver lining…for me.

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