Dog and owner go shopping

My fashion-challenged mom shops with me at Peridot. My job is to tug my leash when we go past the store, so she’ll go in and look around. She’s getting inspired by all the new fashions.

Cathy is very proud of her parka, which she claims is at least 15 years old. She refuses to buy another winter coat.

Fortunately, she is looking into buying some new blue jeans, because she wants to show off her new body. If you’ve been following this blog, you know she went on a special diet and has been exercising 3 or 4 times a week at the gym. And we walk…and we walk. We’re both in great shape.

“Yes, maybe I could get more clothes,” she tells me. “But I have no place to wear them. I work at home and my only social events are held at the dog park. So I spend my clothing budget on you, your dog walker, your treats, and …oh yes, your vet bills when you eat junk.”

Time to change the subject. And now you see why I’m going naked. If Mom isn’t buying herself a new winter coat, you can bet I won’t get one either.

2 thoughts on “Dog and owner go shopping”

  1. Gracie,
    Big congratulations to you and your Mom for getting out there and exercising! It helps both dogs and people to stay in shape and live longer and I know your Mom wants you around for a long time.
    I’m so happy for your Mom, losing weight after putting forth the effort–what a great payoff.

    Laurie Beebe, The Diet Coach (for people, not dogs…. yet)

  2. Don’t tell my mom she’s lost weight! She won’t get on a scale. “Inches,” she says. “I’ve lost inches and gained muscle.” Diet? Never. This is a lifestyle change, she says.

    Well, Mom’s a copywriter. She’s got to put a spin on everything.

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