City dogs should be spoiled. Totally.

My mom came across an article, Ten Ways To Spoil Your Dog. Naturally I sat up and listened when she read it to me. Let’s see how she rates on the “Spoil Your Dog” scale.

(1) Take your dog for walks. The article says we like to go to new places. Frankly, I don’t care. I’m always thrilled to go to Magnuson Park with my Aunt Sara and I enjoy my mom’s walks to Upper Queen Anne. I walk everywhere. And my mom is really good about taking me along. I’ll give her a “10” on this one.

(2) Go for a drive. Forget it. Mom doesn’t have a car. We love the buses. I sit on her lap and get tons of attention. “Very well-behaved.” “Beautiful dog.” “Seems like a nice dog.” Music to my floppy ears.

(3) Treats.
Uh-oh. Mom’s a little weak in that department. She forgets to bring treats in her pockets when we walk. She’s gotten a little spooked because the vet warned her about my expanding waist line. Gotta work on this one.

(4) Time for playtime. Well, we don’t do much playing at home. That’s for the dog park. I do get to chase our feline hosemates around, but mostly I’m too tired to do anything but sleep…which brings us to:

(5) Naps. Yes. Say no more! The article suggests a “napping haven,” but give me mom’s bed anytime.

(6) Grooming. Yes: we go to the groomers regularly. I love my baths! Mom just had my teeth cleaned. She hasn’t been as good as she should have been about brushing my teeth. Maybe that’s because I resist so strongly.

(7) Fine dining. Well, I can’t complain about the quality of the food. Mom says, “Quality food will save on vet bills.” But thanks to the vet, she really rations the quantity…and my food bowl is older than I am. Of course, if I bring this up, mom will remind me how much she spends on dog walks. Okay: who need a new bowl? I haven’t worn out the old one.

(8) Time with Owner. Dogs hate to be alone. You bet! My mom is the best when it comes to time with me. She works at home and usually I’m just a few feet away. True, I do have some crate time, but my mom points out that she needs a life too. I have a big comfy crate with all the amenities…and I can catch up on my sleep. See “naps” above.

(9) The article refers to “doggy media experience.” I guess we could buy me some DVDs to watch when mom’s not home. I think my mom would put this in the same category as “doggy raincoat” and “doggy sweater:” over the top.

So all in all, my life isn’t bad. My mom’s a good dog owner and dog spoiler. But she has a LONG way to go. Her friend Bill in New York treats his dogs like royalty. I may be a princess, but around here, my mom says, I need to remember I am a CANINE Urban Princess. “Canine” and “Urban” come first.

Am I really spoiled? Please comment here.

5 thoughts on “City dogs should be spoiled. Totally.”

  1. Yes, you are a very spoiled dog Gracie, just like you should be 😉 All pets deserve to be treated like royalty. As for the media experience, why not give it a try! I had a ‘being’ once (he looked like a cat) who loved to watch documentaries, particularly on horses, lions and camels (not all together).

    Lovely article.
    Rebecca Habel

  2. Thanks, Rebecca. My writing talent is improving (my mom never gives up). I like your idea on media…now I have to convince the momster.

  3. Hi Gracie,

    See if you can communicate to your mom how much fun it would be to learn a couple new tricks. Then she can combine the treats, time with owner and playtime in one sha-bang!

    Plus, according to my mom (she’s a dog trainer) it is *mental stimulation* which is supposedly good for my brain and makes me love that nap time even more… cause apparently a tired dog is always a good dog!
    oh and my mom says you can use Cheerios for treats cause they are low cal…what ever that means…..they taste pretty good!

    Nope, I don’t think you are spoiled, sounds like you have a good owner, that makes us both lucky dogs.


  4. You’re darn tootin’ you’re spoiled, Gracie! But that’s okay. I have a strong feeling you spoil your mom a lot, too, with all that loyal companionship, unconditional love, warmth, and kisses galore.

    Maxwell and Kona,
    An unlikely canine duo

  5. Robin,

    Good idea! I know “sit” and “down” and a few things but my mom should be teaching me new tricks. I am just 7 years old and I can still learn. Are you reading this, Mom?

    Aww…….Maxwell and Kona sound delightful!

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