City Dog’s Boring Day, continued: Watching My Owner

Well, after my mom picked up a few books from the library, we walked over to the Queen Anne Community Center. I had been in here briefly, when we went to the Farmers Market. But now we went into a room I’d never seen. It was horrible. I hate shiny, slick floors. Mom had to pull me along.

“We just want to see how the pottery turned out,” my mom said.

We ran into one of Mom’s classmates, who was really friendly. She said, “What a wonderful dog! Why don’t you stay and throw something?”

“Because Gracie could break something and I’d be responsible.”

“Just tie her up.”

Great. Just what I’ve always wanted. So here I am, waiting again. This is the part of a Dog’s Life that nobody wants.

2 thoughts on “City Dog’s Boring Day, continued: Watching My Owner”

  1. Gracie, you are adorable. Please join Twitter so I can introduce you to my canine pals there, and they can get links to your blog (of which they will be incredibly jealous).

  2. Hi Julie, My mom has drawn the line on twitter. She says dogs need a blog or a twitter account but not both. Why don’t you ask your dogs to write a guest post? We welcome guest posts! Gives me a day off from coming up with brilliant ideas for my blog.

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