Cats peacefully coexisting in a kitty condo

Good grief! My mom was so happy to see this. Two cats peacefully sharing their kitty condo. Ophelia even poked her nose out of her hiding place. That sausage shaped toy is (or was) filled with catnip. Turns out both cats are catnip junkies.

My mom Cathy is ecstatic. “Next thing they’ll be playing together! Cuddling up in the winter!”

Yeah, right, mom. And pigs will fly. And you will win the lottery. And I will go to the dog park every day and twice on Christmas.

You don’t think mom bought that kitty condo, do you? Hah. Mom is VERY cheap. Frugal, she says. She got it as a gift when somebody moved out. She put the cushions through our washing machine and then we got a new piece of furniture.

However, this is NOT a good time to insult my mom’s frugality. I’m due for a teeth cleaning. My mom makes no complaints when it comes to giving us vet care. We get more preventive medicine than she does.

2 thoughts on “Cats peacefully coexisting in a kitty condo”

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  2. You’re asking us?! Please… my mom is way too frugal to pay for photos of us, let alone portraits. Can’t you tell? We suggest you visit your local dog park or doggie day care. Ask the dog owners if they’ve ever paid for portraits. Notice the dogs wearing coats. I go naked because my mom won’t buy me a coat. She says I don’t need it and after my recent vet bill, I’m not saying a word.

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