Basketball: who needs it?

My mom came home in a really good mood tonight (Wednesday the 11th). Tonight’s game, she said when we went for our walk, was the best of all worlds. She got to see one of her favorite players, Diana Taurasi, make a series of 3-pointers that were pure magic. And we (the Storm home team) won the game by 7 points.

“The difference was,” she told¬† a friend, “the Phoenix Mercury played like they have a game plan. We played like…well, we were lucky.”

Cathy likes Taurasi’s larger than life personality and her maverick style. But now she admires Yolanda Griffith and Sheryl Swoopes,¬† playing past the age when most players retire.

As a dog, I would rather play “chase the tennis ball” or “stick tug of war” with my friends Bailey and Violet. Who needs to keep score?

I’m just ready to go to bed. My mom’s writing this after midnight. She had to come up and catch up on everything she missed when she went to the game.

Come on, Mom. Maybe you’ll be a basketball player in your next life. Meanwhile I need another nap.

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