Another trip to the vet

Chloe the Receptionist at Urban Vet Recognizing My Royal Qualities
Recetionist at Urban Vet Recognizing My Royal Qualities
Good grief…my mom’s been a little slow. For the last few days I’ve been under the weather. We won’t go into the details (my mom has declared certain topics off limits) but let’s just say, I woke her up a few times in the middle of the night so I could Do My Business.

After a few days on the rice diet, I was a very hungry dog. Fortunately my Aunt Sara, who escorts me to Magnuson Park twice a week, said, “Maybe Gracie has giardia.”

My mom trusts Aunt Sara so off we went to the vet. Here the receptionist is persuading me to step on the scale. When it comes to weight, my mom and I share the same views: who cares as long as we’re fit and fabulous?

I tested negative for giardia and parasites, thank goodness. The vet today, that nice Dr. Angel, told me I was a beautiful dog. Then she gave my mom some special food and a bottle of antibiotics. I felt better already.

My mom almost needed medical attention when she got the bill. I have to be on good behavior for a few more days.

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