When my mom’s friend Bob came to visit, he remembered Creampuff. He had visited Cathy in New Mexico, when her cats were Creampuff and Tiger.

Bob has always been very nice to Cathy’s cats. When she moved to New Mexico from Florida, he kept them for about six weeks till she got settled. Cathy was sure she’d never see the cats again but no such luck. Bob put them on a plane for Tucson and Cathy met them at the airport. They even managed to change planes in Dallas without getting lost.

Bob told Cathy, “You need to give Creampuff more attention.”

“No problem,” Cathy said. “I’ll send her to you. I bet there’s room in your luggage when you fly back tonight!”

Way to go, Mom! You’re finally catching on. This household would be greatly improved with one less cat.

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