"I am a social butterfly"

Yesterday we went for a long walk to the top of Queen Anne Hill. After I got 2 visits to Magnuson Park over Labor Day, my mom decided we would skip the park and just walk.

My mom Cathy had to drop off a few books in the library. When we got to the door, a friendly-looking woman was just leaving. “Oh what a wonderful dog!” she exclaimed. She offered to watch me when my mom went inside for a few minutes. I kept looking at the door for my mom but I have to admit, that woman gave me a great massage.

When my mom came back,the woman said, “Thank you for letting me keep her for a few minutes.”

“Everybody needs a dog moment, right?” said my mom, taking back my leash.

I must remind my mom how lucky she is, next time she yells, “Gracie! What are you getting into right now?!”

2 thoughts on “"I am a social butterfly"”

  1. Gracie, you are an interesting dog. And so polite and sweet. I just found your blog, and am enjoying it very much. I have two dog children, Sidney and Midgie, and they are both girls, and they are both rescues. I am also Mom to 5 cats, 2 girls and 3 boys. They all get along very well, except for an occassional little squable.I live in the country, so they have lots of space to run and play. You know, Gracie, life would be lonely without my furry family!



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