We Show Off Seattle

Arf! Gracie here.

So Mom and I are walking around Upper Queen Anne(as opposed to Lower Queen Anne, where we live). We’re walking through¬† Kerry Park, which has one of the best views of the skyline
and Sound in all Seattle.

A professional guide is sharing the skyline with a limo full of eager tourists. I’m more interested in getting a drink of water. Just as I take a sip, the guide says, “Seattle is a city of dogs. In many of our parks you’ll see a water fountain, and just underneath you’ll see a bowl of water.”

My mom pipes up, “And here’s an example.” She points to me.

My mom can be such a ham. (Did you know she’s thinking of auditioning for some stand-up comedy? As if she didn’t embarrass me already.)

She goes on to tell everyone about how she rescued me¬† through a group in Bellingham, Washington. She uses the 4-letter “M” word but she explains that I’m really a princess (actually, she says, “Gracie thinks she’s a princess” but who should know better than me?).

The guide says, “Yes indeed.” He looks to be in his sixties or even older and very experienced. “Can she have a treat?”

“If she sits,” my mom says firmly.

We go into our act. I know the drill.

I graciously accept the treat. The crowd goes, “Awwww…”

As we stroll down the hill, my mom says, “You know, Gracie, that guide was really smart. He created a great moment for the crowd and signaled to us that we need to move on. We should have hung around and listened to his spiel about the skyline.”

Nope. That treat really hit the spot after a long walk on warm day. I’ll hit the cushion as soon as we get home.

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