We go to a picnic…

My mom Cathy belongs to the Columbia University Alumni Club of Seattle. She attended Barnard College, which is part of Columbia, so she qualifies.

Today the group held an informal picnic in a park called Golden Gardens. And of course I got to go.

“I’m really busy,” my mom said. “But we can count the time toward Gracie’s exercise and hey — it’s gorgeous weather.”

I prefer cold rainy days myself. Naturally everyone made a fuss over me. “So well-behaved,” they said. What did they expect? A rowdy puppy? I was too dog-tired to do anything but follow Cathy around on my leash and try to steal the food. Chicken — my favorite.

Alas, Cathy told everyone firmly, “No food for Gracie.” I didn’t get so much as a crumb.

Now I’ve crashed on the living room rug, dreaming of frigid days in December. But I’m glad we went. My mom needs to get out more.