Exhausted Dog Welcomes New Year With Festive Sleep

My mom Cathy finally caught on. I hate fireworks and loud noises. Last year I was shaking so hard she had to pick me up.

Well, I’m not quite the slender Princess I was a year ago. At midlife, my figure has become more Queenly, even though my mom watches my diet and I get tons of exercise. My mom isn’t getting any younger either (but don’t tell her – it’s a sensitive topic). So she said, “If I pick you up, Gracie, I might pull my back. So we are staying home.”

Mom goes out Saturday to hear Beethoven’s First and Ninth Symphonies at Benaroya Hall. So she played them for me, loud enough to drown out the firecrackers. I slept. And slept. After all, I went out with Aunt Sara on Tuesday and spent a few hours in the Dog Lounge on Wednesday. I’m wiped.

Mom is too but she was so excited about her updated blog she was up till 3 AM. Who cares what time she goes to bed? When I’m sleepy, I sleep. My bed is anywhere in this apartment.