Dog to mom: Don’t give up your day job

It’s a good thing my mom is a pretty good copywriter (or so they tell me). As a potter, she’s not in the running. Here’s the pot she made before she took it off the wheel.

“See, Gracie, I’m getting better,” she said proudly. “It’s almost a cylinder, isn’t it?”

Well, I’m getting better at playing with my Santa toy. Do you hear me bragging?

At least it looks like I’m finally getting a new leash. Mom asked Aunt Sara what kind of leash to buy. Aunt Sara volunteers at the Animal Shelter. She will choose one for mom to benefit the Shelter and save my mom a trip. That’s a GOOD gift. But I bet my mom will end up making me a new food dish, at the rate she’s going.

One thought on “Dog to mom: Don’t give up your day job”

  1. My mom works at home too. She’s pretty busy, but she got it in her head to make a Facebook page for me. Check it out: Minnie, Princess Elfin Magic. I have 3 pet peers, but I’m the only one that matters, right?

    Fun blog!

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