Dog Plays With Santa Toy While Mom Attempts Pottery (Video)

My mom took me to the pottery studio again. She enjoys my company and (let’s not kid ourselves) says she doesn’t feel as guilty when I come along. “I hate leaving you alone in your crate,” she says.

Watching my mom make cylinders is SO boring. She has so little talent and so much motivation. I guess it’s the human equivalent of a dog with a bone..or a new toy.

Fortunately, my mom has begun to realize that I need to be entertained. Today she brought along the Santa toy that we got from my wonderful Aunt Sara. Now there’s someone who knows how to choose a dog gift! Maybe she’ll suggest a new leash to my mom next time. Is that a hint?

I’m having fun. It’s about as meaningful as my mom’s pottery activity, takes up a lot less space and doesn’t lead to a lot of misshapen objects that get foisted on her friends.

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