Introducing Gracie the Rescue Mutt

Hello World,

My name is Gracie, a/k/a Amazing Gracie, a/k/a Princes Gracie.

I live in an apartment in Seattle with my mom, Cathy, and two cats. Cathy adopted me on January 2, 2006. I was hanging out in a foster home in Whatcom County, living the rural life of a country dog. One day my foster mom loaded me into a car and I found myself heading south to the Big City of Seattle.

As soon as I saw Cathy’s apartment, I knew I’d struck gold. Cathy’s living room has two cat beds and a huge dog crate. She doesn’t care about having nice furniture – just presentable in the style of Aging Graduate Student. This was going to be great. I picked out “my” corner of the couch on the first day.

“Gracie, you sleep here,” Cathy said the first night, pointing to the crate. She tossed in a big rubber kong toy with peanut butter. It was heaven.

“No dogs on the bed,” Cathy said firmly. “No dogs on the sofa.”

I just smiled and smacked my lips on the peanut butter.  I could tell: Cathy would be easy to train.

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