Good-by to our housemate…

My mom has been hovering over Tiger for the last month. She would get so excited when Tiger ate a few bites of food or jumped up to the couch. Yesterday, Tiger stumbled as she tried to navigate from the living room to her favorite spot in Cathy’s closet. She couldn’t jump anymore.

So Cathy bundled up Tiger in her trusty backpack (“Tiger hates carriers”), grabbed my leash and we caught a cab to the vet. The tech asked if I wanted to say good-by, but I declined. Tiger’s been living on borrowed time. I haven’t teased her in ages.

Tiger has been a part of Cathy’s life for over 14 years and Cathy was feeling really sad. “Worse than losing Keesha,” she said.

I think I’m worth ten cats, but that’s another story.

The good news is I scarfed some leftover canned food that Cathy bought for Tiger’s sensitive palate. Yum!

The bad news is we’re probably getting another cat. The ditzy Creampuff gets lonely. I’d like to show her what lonely really is but my mom is in a fragile state. My job is to help Cathy keep some perspective on what’s really important, like treats and toys.

3 thoughts on “Good-by to our housemate…”

  1. Hi Cathy and Gracie – my heart and prayers go out to both of you on the loss of Tiger. I lost my 14 year old Ernie the cat last Friday, the 18th. He had COPD, congestive heart failure and then developed dementia. You have my heartfelt sympathies as you work through these days following Tiger’s passing. I’m sure Tiger’s in a peaceful, wonderful place. And Gracie, like it or not, you will meet again ;>))

  2. Thanks, Brenda. Tiger may be in a peaceful place, but she’ll make sure to create some action.

  3. Cathy and Gracie, my heart, too, goes out to you both. I lost my cat Dizzy Gillespie two summers ago after 18 joyful years together. Remember the joy she brought into your life.
    nancy g

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