Undercover Cat

It’s cold out there! Sometimes an adopted cat needs to create her own cave for warmth and privacy. My mom often wishes she could do the same. I keep reminding her it’s my blog, but she points out that our cats are SO photogenic … and it’s not like I’ve never been photographed.

“Pumpkin is SO special,” she says.

Mom, you say that about all our cats since I joined the family. Creampuff, Tiger, Ophelia, and now Pumpkin.

“And you’re a special dog,” she says. “A specially gifted chewer.”

Time for a nap. I need to hide sometimes myself.



2 thoughts on “Undercover Cat”

  1. Pumpkin looks “cool” under her pillow. And Gracie, you look cool whenever I see a new photo of you. Never think that you are being usurped. I wonder if there were Revolutionary Dogs in Philadelphia during the Revolution. Maybe they had something to do with the success? Maybe the Philadelphia Historical Society has info on that?
    Ask your Mom to research!

  2. Hi, Cathy, Gracie and all the cats;

    Nice Blog, Gracie! You have done well. My BrandiBear is now 14 and Buddy is 12. They both sleep a lot more now too, just like you do. My “new” cat was 17 when I got her from Albuquerque Humane and is around 19 by now. My household is getting old together.

    Nice to “see” your fur family online, Cathy. I miss you. We sure had some good walks around Silver City.

    Terri, Vince, BrandiBear, Buddy, Cheeba and the 7 chickens.

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