RIP Ophelia

My mom was very sad all weekend. We were supposed to say good-by to Ophelia last Thursday. Then, as we wrote in my last post,  Ophelia rose from her nap and walked over to her scratching post and scratched. Well, she’s front paw declawed (by a previous owner) but she tries. She was so enthusiastic my mom said, “She’s not ready.”

So she spent the weekend giving Ophelia fluids and helping Ophelia eat that yucky special food. Ophelia walked around just being Ophelia, Queen of the House.

Ophelia started getting really weak on Sunday. It happened SO fast my mom was in shock.  On Saturday Ophelia was able to move around freely; she even squeezed into a small bookshelf for a cat nap. She curled up in her kitty condo (see picture). She was awake and alert.  But by Sunday evening she couldn’t jump off the bed or the couch. The earliest vet appointment my mom could get was today at 2:30.

Ophelia didn’t wait. She was lying peacefully on my bed, which is big and fuzzy, but she kept having more and more trouble just moving. She would try to get out of the bed and she would stumble. My mom put her back on top of a huge stack of towels.

Around 1 PM Ophelia decided she’d had enough and she headed up to the Great Sandbox in the Sky, soundlessly, while my mom was working just a few feet away. She looked SO peaceful!  It worked out well. She was spared a final visit to the vet and she was ready to go.

My mom and I took Ophelia’s body to the vet for cremation. We took a cab  because my mom wanted me to come along too and I can’t ride buses. Philadelphia is so primitive compared to Seattle, where I was welcomed on all the Metro buses.

My mom realized the cab driver wouldn’t be thrilled if she told him she had a dead cat. So she gently put Ophelia into her big backpack, wrapped securely in an old shirt she wanted to get rid of.  My job was to keep Mom’s mind focused where it should be – on me – and distract her from losing a cat she loved.

I was successful. We walked home in beautiful weather, even stopping at the dog park so I could play for a few minutes.

That’s a two mile walk. I’m totally exhausted.

My mom has decided to get a new cat – a tabby, she says, who will be tougher than Ophelia. She doesn’t want Creampuff to get used to being an Only Cat.
“Ophelia was so special,” she sighs. “But I’ve got lots of love to share with the next kitty, whoever she is.”

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