New housemate settling in nicely

My mom still misses Ophelia but she can’t resist our new housemate. Pumpkin sat on her lap for about an hour today.

Pumpkin’s original name was Kerfluffle, or “Fluff.” But she’s not especially fluffy. The shelter called her “Biggums,” which makes sense – she weighs in at a hefty 14 pounds – but it doesn’t fit. Pumpkin is a very delicate, feminine cat.

My mom calls her Pumpkin because her fur has orange highlights, she’s shaped like a pumpkin and we’ve got Halloween stuff all over the place.

I have to admit, my mom finally chose a winner. Pumpkin is a quiet, sensible, low-maintenance cat. She exchanges respectful sniffs when she sees me. She doesn’t initiate fights with Creampuff. I think she can tell Creampuff is just ditzy – nothing much to worry about there.

Right now Creampuff and Pumpkin are having a quiet staring contest. My mom is trying hard to ignore them.

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