More Cat Facts We Don’t Need

My mom just read me this article from the New York Times. Apparently some scientists studied how cats drink water. “Much classier than dogs,” was the conclusion.

Do we need to know? Do we care?

The real question is, why do cats drink water from glasses and cups, turning up their little pink noses when mom pours water into their official water dishes? Now that would be useful.

My mom keeps two full glasses of water on the coffee table at all times. “Does nothing for the living room decor,” she sighs, “but otherwise Ophelia’s whiskers would be digging into my water.”

2 thoughts on “More Cat Facts We Don’t Need”

  1. Gracie, you’re right – why should you care – as long as Ophelia keeps her nose out of your water.

    But as long as we’re on the subject – no beats me for being able to scoop up water with grace (no pun intended). But since I like your column, I’ll share the secret with you someday.

    —and BTW, my little “sister” (I hate the way my Mom refers to her as my “sister”) has no class at all. She’ll drink water from anywhere – even the (ugh!! toilet. Sometimes I wonder if she is really a doggie in cat’s clothing.

  2. Misty, it’s a myth that cats are classier than dogs. My mom once had a Siamese cat who snored…loud! She once woke up and thought the sound was coming from a big man in a nearby apartment. It was the cat.
    Fortunately, that was way before my time.

    “Sister?” Thank heaven my mom doesn’t align me with Ophelia and Creampuff as siblings. We’re housemates. That’s bad enough. You have my sympathy.

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