Cat drinking from dog’s crate: should not be allowed!

Look at this impertinence. My crate has been placed in a corner of our living room because my mom can’t figure out where else to put it.

So Ophelia decides she wants to drink from MY water dish. Ophelia has always liked drinking from dishes, glasses and cups that aren’t hers. She drives my mom crazy: she drinks my mom’s ice water, iced tea and even iced coffee. When she doesn’t find anything to drink from my mom, she goes to my crate. She has a perfectly good water dish of her own, right on the floor next to mine.

Ophelia’s shape is a little odd because some of her fur was shaved for her ultrasound. It’s growing back very slowly. She doesn’t seem to notice, but we do.

Ophelia has always been the Queen. I’m just the princess. Life is tough.

2 thoughts on “Cat drinking from dog’s crate: should not be allowed!”

  1. Your mom could throw and fire a bowl for her with Ophelia’s name on it, and then you could drink from it! At least this would make you feel more power as Princess!

  2. Thanks, Bobbie! My mom did make a small water dish for the cats. They hate it. So when we go on walks, she takes it along for me to drink when we take break.

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