Another day in the dog park

Helping Cynthia With Her Book
Cynthia was reading her book in the dog park. (A lot of people read here. They also read on buses. This is what my mom likes about Seattle: everybody reads!)

I decided Cynthia needed a dog fix so I wandered over. I can never get too many pats or too much attention. Cynthia kept on reading but people always make time for me.

2 thoughts on “Another day in the dog park”

  1. HAPPY NEW YEAR, GRACIE! from Crispin and Mango (two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels who love their dog park, too).

  2. Thanks, Bobbie! All the best to Crispin and Mango. Why doesn’t my mom come up with names like that?
    She can’t take credit for Ophelia. She tried to change Ophelia’s name to Furball, for heaven’s sake.
    Happy New Year and please keep commenting!

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