The REAL issue for the White House: Get a mixed breed dog

New President-Elect Barack Obama has shown good sense already. He promised his daughters a puppy. My mom read this article aloud to me.

Frankly, I think Obama should forget about getting a puppy. The White House is no place for house training, crying and mess. He should do what my mom Cathy does: get a nice full-grown, mixed-breed dog from a shelter.

At least he’s not getting a cat, like the Ford administration. There’s hope for the country.

2 thoughts on “The REAL issue for the White House: Get a mixed breed dog”

  1. Hi Gracie

    A friend turned me onto your blog and I have to say I love it! I have a rescue dog myself named Daisy the Wonder Dog ( and the way you describe your life sounds very similar to how I think Daisy would describe her life. In fact, my mom is a dog walker and pet sitter and her pet pals often write notes to their parents much like you write your blog!
    I got Daisy just as I was losing my other dog, Aspen, so I understand how it must have been for your mom when she had to adjust to this new dog.
    Keep writing your stories. I love them!

  2. Thanks, Mel! I love dog walkers. My Aunt Sara takes me to the park twice a week so I can run with the other dogs. My mom gets lots of work done while I’m gone (and I’m really sleepy for the next 2 days).

    Mom still misses her First Dog, Keesha. But as long as I have my spot on the couch (and my big bowl of crunchies), I don’t mind being the Second Dog.

    I’ll send my mom over to your blog and we hope to hear from you again.

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