How much water does a dog need?

My mom just got a sales pitch for one of those water fountains for dogs. She said she’d consider it but she tries to avoid purchasing anything that has moving parts. She just a new DVD player (following the long-awaited demise of the old one) from Amazon. Her neighbor came over to help her hook it up.

Yep, my mom is the most mechanically challenged person I’ve ever met. Fortunately for me, my needs involve food dishes, dog beds, leashes and dog crates. She’s safe.

But that got her wondering. How much water does a dog need?

One site said 1 cup for every 5 pounds for dogs under 20 lbs. My new queen-sized figure doesn’t qualify. The rest of the notices give amounts in milliliters and my mom is clueless.

“Just to be sure,” my mom said, “I’ll just make sure your water dish is always clean and filled with fresh water. Like I’ve always done.”

At least she admits I’m the easy member of the household. The cats don’t like to drink water from a dish. They insist on drinking from cups or glasses. Naturally, those cups are easy to knock over. Our kitchen floor gets wet. Mom walks in and starts using some words that are not fit for my innocent canine ears.

See, mom, cats are useless. I’ve been telling you that for years.

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