City dog sleeps in cat bed

My mom rarely buys dog beds or cat beds. She doesn’t have to. People give them to her when they move out.  When our neighbor’s dog wouldn’t sleep on his new bed, guess who got it?

This is a brand new CAT bed from the Amazon Vine program, where my mom is a reviewer. She is supposed to review this product so she put it down next to my own big fluffy dog bed (on the right). She bought that bed in December 1998, when she adopted Keesha at the Humane Society in Broward County.

I can’t resist trying it out. My mom says I’m more like a cat than a dog. Who cares? This is SO comfortable.

It comes with an electric cord but my mom doesn’t like electric blankets. When she was teaching, she says, one of her students was a fire fighter. He told her he wouldn’t use an electric blanket or extension cord in his home. He’s seen too many of them catch fire.

Anyway, it’s not that cold. So I’m enjoying this bed for now. The cats will have to wait.

One thought on “City dog sleeps in cat bed”

  1. “When the weather outside is frightful” this winter, the warmth of this bed will be “delightful!” I’ll bet you’ll be able to get your mom to plug it in. 🙂

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