Downtown Dog Lounge: The Reality Show

The Downtown Dog Lounge hosts a new Reality Show. I imagine this script with Gracie.

Scene opens with Gracie in Downtown Dog Lounge, relaxing on couch, eating treats.

Phone rings.

Employee: “Oh no – that’s Gracie’s owner! She’s coming to pick up Gracie. She specifically wanted Gracie to get lots of exercise. Gracie! Quick! Over here!”

Pan to Gracie, who yawns and stretches.

Employee: “Gracie, you better get in the play area and run around.”

Gracie puts head between front paws.

Employee picks up Gracie, who begins to catch on as a cute little Pug comes up for a sniff.

Door bell chimes. Cathy walks in, laden with shopping bags from Public Library, Macys (she had to use up her gift certificate) and Dahlia Bakery, (yum – her favorite).

Cathy; “So did Gracie get a lot of exercise? I hope she’s tired today! I don’t have time to take her for a long walk.”

Employee: “She’s playing now. I think she’ll be tired tonight.”

Cathy: “Oh good! She just loves coming here to play. Gracie! Your tail is wagging! You better be tired tonight…”

OK, just kidding! We love the Dog Lounge.

When I told a REAL employee this story, she laughed and said, “Oh no. When Gracie gets tired of running around, she lets us know. We bring her up front and let her take a nap. She’s really good about telling us what she wants.”

Yeah, I know. Is that dog spoiled or what?!

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