With my awesome dog walker

City Dog With Dog Walker
Posing with my awesome Philly dog walker, Jaime of Happy Tails

One sunny day we were walking in the local park when we ran into our dog walker, Jaime. Can you tell that I’ve bonded with Jaime?

My mom was nervous when she flew me here. We had the most amazing dog walker in Seattle – Sara Kimmel from walkaboutpets.com.

So she was relieved to meet Jaime Bennett who specializes in dogs from our neighborhood. Her company is “Happy Tails.”

We both adore Jaime. My mom enjoys talking with Jaime, who’s sensible and smart like Sara. I love walking with Jaime because she recognizes my royal status and treats me accordingly.

I get to walk with Jaime when my mom takes classes that go late into the evening. She doesn’t like to leave me alone for five or six hours and I don’t like to be alone with the cats.

So now when my mom takes off for her improv class, I get to improv a walk with Jaime around the neighborhood. She takes me to cool places. She leaves fun notes, which my mom reads to me: “Gracie was wonderful tonight.” She goes into detail about what I did on the walk but my mom censors those details for my blog.

We’re enjoying the tail (!) end of fall leaves and fall weather.

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  1. I hope Santa brings you a great surprise on Christmas morning! Have a great day walking with your mom.

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