Luxury dog houses: I wouldn’t mind one

My mom just read me this story from the New York Times online:
Luxury Doghouses and the Dogs That Couldn’t Care Less.

The article shows some canine residences that are truly fit for loyalty – homes that cost thousands of dollars.

Frankly, I wouldn’t mind an upgrade. Since I can’t be trusted to stay home alone, my mom always puts me in my crate when she goes out. When someone asks, “Does the dog mind?” she answers snarkily, “We didn’t take a vote.”

But if you think about it, a big dog crate like mine isn’t exactly a decorator’s dream come true. So a nice, tasteful doggie home would make sense for a home like mine.

Alas, my mom says, her first priority is to remodel her bathroom and maybe get a new washer/dryer before the old one dies. And she’s thinking seriously about a fountain for Ophelia, who likes to drink from interesting places.

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