Dog tired: dog walk was long!

The building people were fixing our door and the installer made a lot of noise. So my mom announced, “Gracie, we are going on a LONG walk. It’s a gorgeous day. We should be outside! ”

She wasn’t kidding. We walked to Rittenhouse Square. She stopped by her old building so the doorman could meet me. He said I was “cute.”

Then we went to the Tuesday Farmers market, where my mom bought a few things from her favorite farm stand. Then we walked home.

“It’s about a mile and a half each way,” my mom said, “and we were gone about two hours. That’s a good walk for a dog.”

As you can see, I’m tired. So is my mom. She decided she’ll workout Wednesday and Friday this week instead of Tuesday and Thursday.

“A tired dog is a good dog,” my mom says.

“A tired mom is … a tired mom,” I would answer back. But I’m too busy with my nap.

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