City dog enjoying a walk in the park

OK, so it’s not Magnuson in Seattle on the waterfront. And so my mom wouldn’t dream of letting me go off-leash.

“You’d be half way to New Jersey in no time,” she says.

New Jersey? Come on, Mom. I’m a city dog but Jersey scares me, too.

This park is close to where we live. We meet nice dogs there. My mom likes looking at the old houses nearby. And I enjoy sniffing … and sniffing. One thing about Philadelphia: people here don’t toss food around the way they did in Seattle. This park is too clean for my taste. A crust of pizza here and there … an old chicken bone … nope, not here.

Notice my newly svelte figure. My mom’s really proud. She was less than thrilled when I arrived with a few extra pounds here and there. I could say I’m less than thrilled with our diet and exercise regime, but it wouldn’t do any good. A Mom On A Mission is not to be trifled with.


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