Christmas costume? Santa suit? Not for this city dog.

Sometimes a city dog has to draw the line SOMEwhere. And when it comes to Santa hats, red coats and even little white beards… gimme a break!

My mom just saw some Twitter posts with dogs all decked out for the holidays. Fortunately, she thinks dogs are supposed to be naked and for once we are in agreement. I am not wearing anything but the fur I was born with (lovingly embellished by good quality food and regular baths).

Anyway, why spend money on doggie costumes? Lots of hungry dogs out there need food. I need my walks…and my food, toys and grooming.

My mom has never decorated for anything. She’s afraid the lights will electrocute somebody or set off a fire. She’s aware that poinsettias and pine needles can be deadly to cats.

“Holidays are about doing, not dressing,” she says firmly.

And a strong “Arf” to that, I  would add.

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