Best sight-seeing in Seattle: Magnuson Dog Park

Yesterday my mom’s friend Bob was still visiting from Florida. Mom’s known Bob for years, since they were both professor at U of Alaska in Fairbanks.

“So what do you want to do today?” Mom asked Bob. “I have a brilliant idea. Let’s take Gracie to Magnuson Dog Park!”

They were a little worried that the skies would be gray. Maybe we’d even get some rain. Humans are ridiculous. They run at the sight of just one raindrop.

Luckily for all of us, we had a magnificent day. Mom’s camera batteries died so she didn’t get the photos she wanted but otherwise I got to go wading. I became special friends with an Australian something-or-other that looks like a border collie.

Bob is an outdoors kind of guy and Mom is the ultimate city gal. So Magnuson was a good compromise. And since Bob doesn’t have a dog, Mom wanted to make sure he got a great dog experience while visiting. I sat on Bob’s lap on the bus to Magnuson and most of the way home.

Then Bob treated Mom to dinner at an Indian restaurant since Mom had treated him to the basketball game on Saturday night. Mom had a glass of wine and she was SO tired we ended up falling asleep early. Around midnight we woke up and Mom finally took me out for a walk. Whew…what a relief! But I’m glad we waited. I don’t want to lose my mom to a DWWI: Dog-Walking-While-Impaired.

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