Oh no…March madness!

It’s a tough time to be a dog. My mom Cathy is a dedicated WNBA fan. So she feels she ought to keep an eye on the college scene, because some of those players will be drafted into the league this May. She likes Candace Parker of Tennessee and Sylvia Fowles of LSU. She likes Rutgers because it’s, well, Rutgers.

UConn? Alas, everyone who comes after Diana Taurasi will suffer in comparison, if not in basketball, in personality. Cathy loves mavericks. 😉

But mostly Cathy likes to watch an upset. She loves seeing a team come out of nowhere and take on the reigning champions. She’s not too optimistic this year…just hoping we don’t see another UConn vs Tennessee again.

See…even the dog learns more than she ever wanted to know.

Here’s the kicker. My mom Cathy didn’t start following sports until Christmas season of 1998. Cathy was not a tomboy. As a child, she avoided sports. She liked to dress up. She hid from her high school and college gym classes.

“In those days,” she recalls, “gym teachers were a bunch of sadists.”

She moved into her house in Florida and, while waiting for deliveries, began to watch the games. She also adopted Keesha, the First Dog. So in Spring 1999 she finally learned what a point guard was…and she took her first dog obedience class, too.

Thank goodness.

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