Our real estate life

My mom has entered me in this blog challenge created by her friend, colleague and mentor, Connie Green. So now we have to blog every day for a month. We forgot this weekend because we were back looking at condos.

My mom fell in love with one in Belltown, a trendy neighborhood. “This building has been around awhile,” she said. “It’s not going anywhere. The people are nice. It’s well managed. Oh yes…it’s two blocks from the dog park and two blocks the other way from my favorite coffee shop in Seattle. And iti s pet-friendly!”

She found a 2-bedroom condo at a good price. “Never fear, Gracie,” she said. “There will always be money for treats and dog walks. We’ll find a place for your crate, too.”

Now, she says, she can have a proper office with windows and light. One bedroom is built like a corner.

Some places just allow two pets per unit, which seems like just the right number. We could lose Ophelia or that ditzy Creampuff. But the mom will never let that happen. “I’m a 3-pet person till the day I die!” she says proudly.

Given the way she works out that’s not any time soon. However, her favorite bakery will be very close by in Belltown. Either we will have more walks or the mom will need to develop some willpower.

“It’s still up in the air,” she says. “We have inspection, financing, and worst of all, moving. I may have written the book on moving but my stomach hurts just thinking about it.”

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