Pumpkin is … a pumpkin`

My mom has gotten much better at choosing names for her family. She’s come a long way from naming a cat Kitty, as she once did. She didn’t change Keesha’s name becuase it fit – Keesha was a keeshond mix. She tried to change Ophelia’s name when she took Ophelia to the vet for her “new cat” checkup. The vet’s staff was horrified when Mom wanted to call her “Furball.” Later we were all glad; Ophelia was … well, Ophelia.

I am named after the Great Dane owned by Dan Dye, cofounder of Three Dog Bakery. That dog made her owner rich, my mom reminds me. So far I’ve just brought her vet bills.

But she outdid herself when she named Pumpkin. Just look at these photos.

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