Dog Park Civilized Greeting

And what have we here? It looks like a very small, very spoiled dog. A pug, to be exact.

Pugs are very popular in Seattle, my mom says. We once met a pug when we were out walking. The owner told my mom, “I knew someone who worked in the shelter. They called when this pug came in. I had to get down there in an hour because so many people wanted a rescue pug.”

Hmm. Not many people were seeking a royal mixed breed like me. My foster home actually gave my mom a sales pitch. “Great dog. I’d keep her myself if I didn’t already have three dogs. She looked so cute playing with the puppies. She sits on the couch and chews on her chew toys.”

Uh-oh. My mom got suspicious. “Chews on her chew toys? And what else?”

“No way,” they lied. “Just her toys.”

By the time my mom found out about my Power Teeth, it was way too late.

This pug seems fairly useless. He just sits on his blankie and waits for people to come worship him. Even Ophelia moves around more than that. But you can tell he’s a sweet dog in his own way. I tried to get him to play, since I love small dogs. No dice.

Here we are exchanging pleasantries about our respective owners. My mom is much stricter than his mom. His mom has left him in the care of Lindsay, the dog park steward, so he will continue to be spoiled rotten.

One thought on “Dog Park Civilized Greeting”

  1. I think my Pug has a personality disorder called “Denial of Group Membership”….she thinks she is a Jack Russell or a flying squirrel. She does enjoy quite a few naps, but all you have to say is “toy” or “want to….(fill in the blank)?” and she’s off flying across the room, around the table and ready to go. 0 to 60 in a millisecond, but then again she can go 60 to 0 in a millisecond too! Also, if anyone tries to wake up a sleeping person in the house, she will growl and attack the blankets pretending to scare you off. If the person sleeping, (or even watching tv on the couch), is my daughter – then she will react like she’s Secret Service and scream at you like a human. Gracie would probably get a kick out of Phoebe!

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