Adopted Cat Meets Adopted Dog

That new cat Pumpkin is certainly making herself at home. My mom was so excited.

“My family is all getting along!” she exclaimed, racing for her camera phone. She woke me up from a peaceful nap. Pumpkin, of course, kept on sleeping.

Here’s the truth. Pumpkin likes this spot on the couch. So she’s not just being my new buddy. She’s keeping an eye on the prize – my spot.

My mom is doing her part to keep everybody sleeping. She’s started taking me on 30-minute walks twice a day. This Sunday, she says, we’ll make another trip to the farmers’ market and the dog park.

“If I’d thought of this earlier,” she said, “we could have walked to the market at 9th and Chestnut. That’s only a mile each way. Two miles round trip. Maybe next week!”

I can wait.

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