WSJ Does It Again: Health Care for Dogs vs. People

My mom thinks the WSJ editors need to take some courses in logic and research. She is still appalled at the way they discussed education in their editorial section. Today the WSJ Weekend features a HUGE story comparing veterinary care with people care.

“See, Gracie,” Mom says, holding up the paper. “Pictures of dogs in the Wall Street Journal. Aren’t they cute?”

Nah. Not as cute as me. Besides, they’re boring breeds, not a one-of-a-kind CUPPIE like me.

“This is nuts,” Mom continued. “What’s new here? Of course dogs get good health care when their humans pay cash for a vet. I shudder to think what I’ve spent on your care, given your sensitive tummy.”

Ouch. This is a sore subject, literally. But mom is being unfair. We haven’t been to the vet for my tummy in six months, probably because that nice Dr Clare at UrbanVet gives Mom a supply of tummy pills that she can use on her own.

“We’re almost out of pills,” Mom says, giving me The Look. “So stay out of the garbage!”

Anyway, the WSJ story seems a little silly, even to a dog. All over the world, people with money will go outside government systems to get good care. Canada doesn’t allow private health care so what do their rich citizens do? They come to the US. They go to the Mayo Clinic.

Pay cash anywhere and you get to choose your medical service, whether you are a human or a canine…or even a feline. I have to remind mom that Ophelia came with her own big stack of vet bills.

Charity vet service? Good luck. My vet told my mom, “Many people wouldn’t have nursed Ophelia back to health when she had liver disease. They would have taken her back to the shelter or had her put to sleep.”

Life without Ophelia? No comment. My mom’s generosity doesn’t extend to visits with the doggie psychiatrist.

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