Wow…look who’s settled in!

This morning the weather was awful. My mom dropped me off in the Dog Lounge with instructions to, “Make sure she gets LOTS of exercise.” I did and I’m wiped.

So who’s daring to enter my turf on Cathy’s bed? This is where I get to take naps. Since when do cats share my space?

Ophelia doesn’t get it. She’s the Queen Mother and I’m just the Princess.

Cathy caught me in this awkward pose. She tried to get a more dignified picture but she was so happy to see Ophelia looking directly into the camera.

Notice how my mom’s priorities have shifted. My blog gets the photo where Ophelia looks best.

Ophelia was saying, “I’m being polite and dignified. I don’t know what’s going on over there.”

Nothing’s going on. I’m just scratching an ear, for heaven’s sake.

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