Why some people do not deserve to be dog owners

My mom Cathy woke me up from my nap today. “Look what I just read in an Examiner column,” she yelled, pointing to her laptop. I refused to budge so she told me what she read. And then I see why she got so mad.

You can read the whole thing for yourself, right here.

Accoding to my mom, some Examiner.com columnist praised the best Craiglist Ad of the Week. TheĀ  ad was headlined: “Wanted: Someone To Make My Kids Cry.” Here’s the story:

A single dad was looking for an actor to pretend to be a dog walker. The dad had found a new home for the dog which was a “terror” who couldn’t be trained. This actor would take their cocker spaniel for a walk and return, pretending the dog had run away. In fact the dog would supposedly go to a new home. The actor would be there when the kids started crying. The actor would be pad $500 for about two hours of work.

Can you believe this? A cocker spaniel who’s terrorizing the family?

I’m a dog and I can tell this whole thing is sick. No wonder nice dogs like me end up in rescue.

Here’s what my mom wrote as a comment:

  • Sorry, I don’t think this ad is funny. If the dad would invest the $500 in a dog trainer, the kids would have their dog and no reason to cry. Has the dog been tested for health problems? Was it abused? If the kids grow up into terrors (not surprising, with this parenting) will he give them away too?

2 thoughts on “Why some people do not deserve to be dog owners”

  1. That is outrageous! What kind of father is that? Why doesn’t he save the 500 dollars and use it to take his kids, (and himself), to some fun dog training courses offered at local Petco type places – it would help the kids learn responsibility, he would bond with his kids, and the dog – quick fix society….maybe that dog is better off with another family than with him. I feel sorry for those kids though – talk about longterm emotional baggage. You should find out his address and tell his kids on him. He deserves it. UG!

  2. Alas, my mom doesn’t even know what city this columnist was talking about, let alone the name of the dad. Probably better that way. My mom says, “The kids will have big therapy bills. You can count on it.”

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