Who needs a soccer mom when you’re a dog?

My mom Cathy just read me another article from the WSJ: Amerian Parents Going To THe Dogs After Human Kids Leave The Nest. Read it at http://bit.ly/2thedogs

It seems that when the kids go off to college, their human moms get bored. They drag the dogs around to classes: agility, sheep-herding and more. The article reports one poodle looking wistfully at her mom instead of herding sheep. Personally I am a natural sheep herder – I try to herd anything that’s moving, including skate boards and motorcycles. But poodles are not herding dogs. Hello!

My mom isn’t exactly the soccer mom type, so I don’t think I’ll ever spend my days going to doggie lessons. Anyway she won’t drive in Seattle so we don’t go anywhere unless we can walk or ride the bus. I like going for walks, running in the park, playing with my special dog friends, sleeping, and teasing the cats we live with. I live a full life. My mom lives a full life. No “empty-nest” syndrome here.

Anyway, what about all those poor dogs sitting in shelters, waiting to be adopted? If your dog gets bored and you have extra money, space and time, just adopt a new dog! Pay for extra obedience lessons for a stubborn critter who’s doing hard time in the pound for jumping and pulling.

On to the next story, mom. It’s time for another nap before the dog walker comes to take me to Magnuson. The mom has Pilates and massage today. My big sister Summer promised to come over and give me some extra playtime. I am not a substitute for a child. I am a real dog with a dog mom, not a soccer mom.

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