What Dogs Think About on Memorial Day: Vetdogs

OK, I admit it. My goal for today (Monday, May 25th) is to get my mom to commit to a trip to our local dog park. She is supposed to be out and about, walking everywhere, due to her recent Close Encounter of a Medical Kind). No problem: she’s on the mend and just about back to her feisty self. She’s certainly strong enough to yell “No” every time I so much as look at a crumb on the floor.

But she just reminded me that I need to use my royal status to help others less fortunate. So she showed me this page — a heartwarming story about Vetdogs. Veterans returning from combat have all sorts of disabilities, physical and mental. And who better to help than a dog like yours truly?

Dogs are the best natural healers on the planet. My mom would be lost without me, even when she refers to me as “the nuisance” when I drag her out for a walk at odd hours.

So check out Vetdogs. And think about those brave K-9 dogs who actually serve in the military. My mom says I’d never make it, given my strong independent streak and my propensity to get spoiled rotten, whatever that means. I think I would be truly heroic in any situation…unless I got distracted by a treat.

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